When Do You Need Workers Compensation Lawyers?

Being injured at work affects an employee’s life to a great extent. Each case has its own hardship for employees, depending on the severity of the injury. It might mean having to skip work and spend a great deal of time recovering either at home or the hospital. An incident like this can have a huge financial impact on an employee.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim often means having to deal with the insurance company, defense attorney, and other legal issues while being injured. This is not easy especially if it involves dealing with the lawyer and insurance companies. Workers’ compensation law firms ensure you get the best possible compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

How to Claim for Injury at Work?

It is important to report/file the claim almost immediately after the accident. It is not uncommon for one to be worried about their employment or other consequences of doing so. However, one should not hesitate to file a claim if injured at work. The first step would be to report the incident to the employer, supervisor, or HR. It is vital one does this within 30 days of the incident, but the sooner the better. Visit a doctor, one that is authorized by your company for workers’ compensation, and seek medical care and advice. It is highly recommended to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney before you sign any papers your employer may give you.

When Should You Contact a Lawyer?

After your work injury occurs, you should immediately report to HR, Supervisor, Manager and seek medical attention. Once you have reported the incident it is recommended to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to better understand your rights and how the law works.

Employees may not know what they are entitled to and employers/insurance companies may use that to their advantage to devalue the claim and pay nominal compensation for the work injury. Furthermore, employers may provide documents to employees to sign without properly explaining what those documents are and what legal rights are being waived by employees.

At BNG Legal Group, we provide a free consultation to clients, which is recommended before you sign any documents relating to your work injury.

What Does the Compensation Claim Cover?

As one of the Best Workers Comp Law Firms in Los Angeles, BNG Legal Group can help you recover the compensation you deserve. In workers’ compensation the attorney fees are 15% of the amount your attorney recovers for you, furthermore, all medical bills are paid by an insurance company and are not paid out of your settlement. It is important to have an attorney to help increase the value of your case and get proper treatment.


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