Arik Ghevondyan

Arik Ghevondyan

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Arik Ghevondyan is the co-founder and managing partner of BNG Legal Group, APLC, dedicating his career to ensuring that his clients receive the utmost care and fair settlements.

Prior to establishing the firm, Mr. Ghevondyan worked for a prominent plaintiff’s firm, concentrated on personal injury claims and probate administration. Now, Mr. Ghevondyan is primarily focused on representing plaintiffs who have suffered severe injuries caused by the negligence of others and will not hesitate to go after big insurance companies to obtain the best settlements for his clients.

Mr. Ghevondyan has gained criminal law experience while clerking for an Honorary Judge at Orange County Superior Court. By clerking for a judge, Mr. Ghevondyan has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to assist nearly any individual facing criminal charges.

Mr. Arik Ghevondyan is fluent in Armenian, and Russian and is available for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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